The restaurants recommended in this blog have all been visited by me and my wife and often with friends. We have visited them at least once. I only recommend restaurants that have a quality that, in my opinion, makes them worth a visit.
Some are world class restaurants, some are very simple, but the food is always worth the price and the chefs have prepared it with pride and love of good food.
The food is essential for being mentioned here. Minor problems when it comes to service and other things are mentioned but does not disqualify them from being recommended.
We have also eaten in some restaurants in the area that do not leave any memories worth writing about.
Finally we have been to very few bad restaurants and have been badly serviced in a few.
These three categories are marked differently in List of Restaurants.
marks our special restaurants. On the map they are found by the red marks and in the search term list under coup de ceur

Thursday, November 13, 2014


RESTAURANT GOURMAND D’ASIE – Centre Commercial Route de Perpignan, Ave. De Quatorze, Narbonne
This place you must have heard of to find. It is situated in an area where you do not look for good food. The place in itself does not announce itself as a place to go either. Anyhow – we were taken there by some friends who normally know where to go, but nevertheless our expectations were not very high. When we saw the entrance it did not help.  
Well inside the place is simple but very well organized and very tidy. A lot of people seemed to enjoy their meal and we now understand them. It is a buffet restaurant where you eat as much as you like. The food is basically Vietnamese with some dishes from China, Japan and other places in Asia. The food is very fresh, typical and delicious. They make just enough of everything to be eaten in a short time so everything is freshly made. There is a large variety of cold and hot dishes and lots of sweets. You can really sample everything from Japanese Sushi to Chinese Dim Sung to other specialties.
We were 4 people and with wine, beer and coffee the bill ended on 75 euros. As always in Vietnamese restaurants they offer you, for free, their special Vietnamese sake, which taste a little like really bad Dutch genever. It is served in small cups,
different for women and men. In the bottom of the cup you see a nude man or woman in a quite pornographic posture. You can only see it when there is sake in the cup. Be aware if you do not like to be shocked.

Tel: 0468 40 30 77
Latest visit: February 2015
Number of visits: 4

Friday, September 19, 2014


LE FRANCE – 35, bd Maréchal Joffre, 66400 Ceret

It is the second time we visit this restaurant and both times we have been surprised by the high quality of the food. The place does not look like a place where they serve food of this quality. We had expected a onetime tourist trap the first time, but could not find any other place then. This second time we learned that it was not just a lucky occasion – we were impressed again. Service is friendly and correct.

Latest visit: September 2014
Number of visits: 2

Sunday, August 17, 2014


AUBERGE DU SOMAIL, 1, chemin de Halage, Le Somail

Canal du Midi is really popular among tourists. French people are in minority in restaurants there Dutch, English and German are common languages. As always in these places it is quite uncertain to find a good quality, restaurant in the summer. Mostly the quality is mediocre because the customers will just visit once anyway.
We have however visited the restaurant Auberge du Somail a few times and the quality of the food is quite good. The salads are generous and the meat is tender. The service is also fairly good, but it takes quite a time sometimes even outside rush-hour. This time the person who serves us addressed us in Norwegian when he heard us talking Swedish. It was quite nice for both us and him to be able to communicate in our native languages.
The only irritating thing was the dog of the house that was running around the tables begging for food. He did not - excuse me - look very healthy and scratched himself viciously all the time. It really affected my appetite and I was thinking of what kind of bugs had caused his hair to fall off in parts.
If you happens to be in Le Somail, this is a god place to eat.

Latest visit: July 2017
Number of visits: 6

Saturday, July 12, 2014


LA LUCIOLE – 3 Place de la République, Luc-sur-Orbieu

We visited this restaurant many years ago when we had just moved to France. We were happy that a restaurant had been open just 10 minutes from us. The service was pleasant and the food all right, but nothing to remember or write about. It was the usual standard dishes in “sous vide” version. I visited it together with a couple who are distant cousins, who I met through my genealogy blog and I and my wife have been there once more through the years.

The other night we came to talk to the owner of the wine castle in Luc and she said the food had improved enormously. La Luciole has been awarded two knives and forks by Guide Michelin. Off course we had to try and went there for the today´s lunch.

We were quite satisfied, me more than my wife, but she had something she normally does not have just to be different. My lunch was really good and I cannot do anything but congratulate the owners to the enormous improvement. I am looking forward to eat one of the more elaborate menus – I am sure it is very good.

The service is calm and friendly. I specially appreciate the relaxed atmosphere. The lady who serves does not run around like she was in great hurry, but serves us in a relaxed and professional way contrary to many restaurant people nowadays. The actual restaurant is very simple indoors. I think it is best on a warm summer day when you can sit outside in the open on the nice little square.

Revisited July 2016: I can report that the restaurant has improved even more since last time. Very nice service and food at a good price.

Latest visit: July 2017
Number of visits: 6

Monday, June 9, 2014


LA TABLE DE SABINE - Quai Landy, Calvi, Corsica

We had a very good lunch at this place which was good value. They also served one of the few acceptable wines we had in Corsica. So - we decided to return in the evening. In the evening I decided to take them up on the suggested fresh grilled fish and my wife had veal. The fish was good, but not as elaborated as you would expect for a price of 70 euro per kilo. My wife's veal was over-cooked, dry and not tender.

It did not make the situation better that a group of 20 Harley-Davidson drivers of our own age with substantially younger spouses came in and started to behave like drunk teenagers on vacation.

The service in this restaurant is however very professional and friendly. The view from the restaurant is magnificent.

Latest visit: June 2014
Number of visits: 1


A STREGA - Le Port, Erbalunga, Corsica

This is not a restaurant worth a detour for, but if you are in Erbalunga and just want something simple to eat down at the harbour, this is a good choice. They have a quite good pizza and the view is magnificent. They however do not accept cards of any kind.

Latest visit: June 2024
Number of visits: 1


L'ISULA - 7 rue Clémencau, Calvi, Corsica

We were a bit tired of eating fish every day so we decided to eat meat this evening. We ordered what we thought would be their best meat-dish. They asked how we wanted it cooked and we were expecting something extra as it was file with white truffles. When the meat came it was heavily over-cooked. Mine was medium, which was ordered red and my wife's, which was ordered medium  was well done, totally dry and grey. We should have ordered fish as other people did and they were very happy with their meals.

The waiter was devastated and offered to give us new meat, but as we had to wait forever for our food and was really hungry we finished most of it despite the quality. We did not want to wait for another 20 minutes.

The waiter was very nice and she only charges us for one meal. We think it was just a misfortune, that was not typical for the restaurant. The dessert was very good and the cheese we got was also very good.

Latest visit: June 2014
Number of visits: 1

Sunday, June 8, 2014


LE FORUM - 2 quai Napoleon, Ajaccio, Corsica

Just at the market in old town you find a few restaurants at the sea-side. We were looking for something simple and our choice was Le Forum. They had the best pizza we have had for a long time. Even better than my wife's. Normally I am not a pizza-fan, but this was perfect, with extremely thin doe and very tasty.

Latest visit: June 2014
Number of visits: 1


LE VOILIER - La Marine, Bonifacio, Corsica

This restaurant is not reviewed entirely because we recommend it, but rather because it might be your choice if you are looking for something a bit better than the average in Bonifacio. It looks good and it is on the expensive side and pretend to be very posh. We got an expression that it is to this place you go to impress. The service is really too much and they address you with Sir in every other word. We are not used to that in continental France, were even a three star Guide Michelin restaurant has very relaxed service – and we do not feel comfortable with it.

From continental France we are used to that it is the same food or at least the same quality if you order a menu as if you order from the a la carte - maybe a little smaller portion sometimes – which is fine with us as we are small eaters. Therefore we ordered the menu and could not understand why the couple next to us ordered the same thing as a la carte.

My wife had a nice starter and I had fish soup that was not anything extra, something I had expected in a fish restaurant with this image. For main dish we both had turbot, which was a disappointment. We got small tail pieces which were overcooked and had a funny smell but no taste. The vegetables were however perfectly cooked and crispy. My wife’s cheese was good and my iles flottant with fresh fruit was very nice.

Quite a few things irritated us. They added 300% on the wine for just opening the bottle. They were less interested in us when we did not order the fresh fish or langouste they offered us. We thought it was a little too much to pay 80 euros per kilo for a fish that was just grilled. And as I said – we felt as they tried to sell us a used car.

Latest visit: May 2014
Number of visits: 1


LA TRATTORIA - 30, Cours Grandval, Ajaccio, Corsica

We were so impressed of the food at lunch so we reserved a table for the evening also. At lunch we got a nice plate of local Corsican charcuterie and a nice pasta with a tasty local sausage. The tiramisu for dessert was absolutely fantastic.

In the evening I made the mistake of ordering veal with Parmesan cheese, which I shouldn’t have done. I am not fond of the way Italians over-cook their meat, but my wife thought it was very nice. As we were still not very hungry after the lunch we shared a "baba au rum" for dessert. It was lovely, which even my wife, who normally don’t like it, thought.

The service at this restaurant is friendly, relaxed and very professional.

Latest visit: May 2024
Number of visits: 2

LE 20123

LE 20123 - 2 rue du Roi-de-Rome. Ajaccio, Corsica

This is a very special restaurant and very popular. We passed many restaurants in the old town and they were all almost empty, but at this place we could not get a table inside, but we could sit outside. It was packed. While we were eating it was a constant stream of people trying to get in.

They have one menu and they have had the same food since they started out in the county-side many years before they moved into town. They also have one wine, made especially for them. They had however three or four choices for main course and gave us two starters. The food is traditional country cooking with specialties from Corsica. I enjoyed it very much, but my wife thought it was a bit too rustic and heavy. My guess is that most couples would have the same differences about this kind of food. I will however recommend you to go here as it is obviously as genuine you can get it. The interior is really different and worth a visit. Another reason is that the service is very welcoming and friendly.

Be aware however – they only accept cash.

Latest visit: May 2014
Number of visits: 1


A NEPITA - 4 rue San Lazaro, Ajaccio, Corsica

We were told by several sources that this is the best restaurant in Ajaccio. Therefore we were very surprised to find a very simple, quite small restaurant in a back street. Just one person was serving and we could only see one person in the semi-open kitchen. The price of the lunch menu was also very reasonable but the food was really excellent. For starter we had a risotto that was very tasty and the main course was one of the best fish dishes we had on Corsica. The waiter told us it was a local fish that was not that common in restaurants as it is full of bones. We saw nothing of those however – they were taken care of by the chef. The taste was really good. My wife got some nice cheese for dessert and I had a very simple plate with strawberries and wiped cream.

The service was very nice and he took time for everyone despite he had responsibility for the whole restaurant. We tried to go there when we returned to Ajaccio a week later, but it was fully booked. We were however impressed that the waiter said: “You were here a week ago for lunch, weren’t you. You were sitting there,” he said and pointed at our table. It did not help as he had no table for us, but we felt good anyway.

Latest visit: May 2014
Number of visits: 1


LA TOUR GENOISE - Porto, Corsica

There are quite a few restaurants in the nice little village Porto. Just by chance we went to La Tour Genoise to see if we could eat some fish. We had a very nice filé of dorade royale and it was no problem to change the mostly boring yellow rise for French fries.

The service was nice and polite and we could get a table by the window despite we were only two.

Latest visit: June 2014
Number of visits: 1


L’ANNEXE - Rampe Sainte Croix, Corte, Corsica

Half way over the mountain going from coast to coast we came to the town Corte. To find a decent restaurant is always a chance in an unknown place. Of some reason, we did not understand ourselves, we choose the small restaurant L’Annexe. It was a good choice. The lunch that was very inexpensive was excellent. My wife had cannelloni filled with the local cheese brocciu and I had two small fried trout, also with brocciu. It was maybe the best fish I had on Corsica.

The service was nice and efficient.

Latest visit: May 2014
Number of visits: 1


AUX BONS AMIS - Rue Clémenceau, Calvi, Corsica

This restaurant was recommended by Guide Michelin and had got two knives and forks. It was maybe the best meal on Corsica and certainly the best value. We had their menu that started with a delicious dish on scallops placed on a sort of crab-cake in a very tasty bisque. The main dish was a very well prepared fish on a bed of risotto. The fish was a St Pierre. My wife had a lovely chocolate dessert and I had “pain perdu”.
The service was very nice and professional and we were really sorry we did not go back the next day.

Latest visit: June 2014
Number of visits: 1

Sunday, May 18, 2014


DON EDUARDO - Passeig Marítim, 68, Platja d’Aro

We visited this restaurant two years ago when we had a short and very pleasant mini-vacation to Costa Brava. When my wife, myself and our friend Eva revisited Platja d’Aro this week we had to go back to Don Eduardo on the beach. Last time we had a very nice fish lunch and a meat dinner that was perfect. This time they had got fresh sole so we settled for that. It was as perfect as we remembered it from last time.

The restaurant is one of the many places on the beach and the service is professional and very relaxed. It is a place where we feel we can trust them to recommend both the food and the wine.

Latest visit: May 2014
Number of visits: 3

For those who read Swedish the whole tour can be read about on but also and earlier trip on


CASAMAR – c/ del Nero 3, Llafranc
Guide Michelin
After some troubles finding a good restaurant that was not closed on Tuesdays we were recommended by a very helpful person in a neighbor village to go to Restaurant Casamar in Llafranc on Costa Brava. This family-owned restaurant was really something else and well worth its star in Guide Michelin. It is beautifully situated high up with a fantastic view over the Mediterranean bay bellow.

All three of us had just a main course as we had planned to eat at a good restaurant in the evening also. We had chateaubriand which came with a puree of potatoes and a sauce with a mild mustard taste. It was delicious and the meat was perfectly cooked to our liking and very generous. The service was relaxed and very professional.

Latest visit: May 2017
Number of visits: 2

For those who read Swedish the whole tour can be read about on

KøSa bistrõ

KøSa bistrõ – c/ Valls 16, Palafrugell

We had planned to eat at a couple of nice restaurants on our visit to Costa Brava. What we did not know was that most places are closed on Tuesdays. We were however lucky at lunch and found a fantastic place, but in the evening it looked as we should have to eat at a fast food place or a place with roaring tourists that were more interested in drinking than eating.

Again we asked a lady we met in the street that we categorized as someone who might have our kind of taste of restaurants. She directed us to a very small tapas restaurant where we only heard Catalan language when we entered the place. It was this family owned restaurant with the funny name KøSa bistrõ. The food was however not funny at all, but really delicious. It was a kind of local version of tapas that was freshly made by the chef and served on big plates for the whole party. We got the dishes one by one as we ate. We had of course Iberian ham and also big tempura fried shrimps, filled artichokes, cheese, sliced entrecote and I had a lovely baked apple.

Latest visit: 2014
Number of visits: 1

For those who read Swedish the whole tour can be read about on

Friday, May 9, 2014


D’ALIBERT – 11160 Caunes-Minervois

Caunes Minervois is a beautiful village with a history going back to the 8th century and with a lot to explore. You must not miss the marble mine with the famous red marble. The oldest restaurant and hotel in the village is d’Alibert that is going back to the 16th century and has been I the family Giuraud for generations. It is situated in the core of the village and can only be comfortably reached on foot. Next to the ancient restaurant you find the birth place of Pontus de la Gardie whose descendants for centuries became the richest and most influential generals and noblemen in Sweden, starting in the 16th century.

The restaurant d’Alibert is really worth a visit. It is housed in a historic building and the courtyard is magnificent. The dining room is a strange mixture of very attractive pieces of genuine art, mostly marble sculptures and very “kitschy” artifacts. The food is very good and the service is, represented by the owner himself, laid-back, humorous, personal and very nice. You enjoy the tasty food with a background of soft jazz music on a pleasant volume.

We all had to try something very different for starter – a crème-brûlée on foie-gras and Jerusalem artichoke. It was delicious! I had guinea-fowl and the women had lamb and confit de canard, which all were very good. It is a restaurant that serves local French food perfectly made and they serve it the old fashioned way where you get all parts of the meal separately in deep dishes, individually or for the whole table. A very nice way there everybody can help themselves to how much they like to eat or one can even share or taste each other’s dishes.

Revisited March 2015 for friends 70th anniversary: Lovely, delicious and friendly! We were 10 at the table.

Latest visit: March 2015
Number of visits: 2

Monday, May 5, 2014


LA PETITE COUR – 9, Rue Auber, 11 100 Narbonne

We found this restaurant by accident. We were wandering around in the small winding streets just north of the Canal de Robine in Narbonne on May 1st and just saw it and it was closed. On the following Monday we were looking for a place for lunch and we remembered it. I do not think any tourist would find the way to the place but the locals obviously do.

The place has a good atmosphere, and the couple who owns it gave us a feeling this could be nice. We were not disappointed. The lunch of the day was excellent. I had entrecote which was perfect and very tender and so was the skewers on veal my wife had. We could choose among three mains and they were accompanied by lovely baked potatoes. The starter was a buffet with a lot of very tasty small dishes.

We sat in the little garden or rather a little patio in the back. The service was excellent. We will certainly go back to this place and try their more expensive menus. This time I got three courses for just 15.50 euros and that was really good value. The only thing we complained about was my wife’s “café noisette” which was cold as it get if you put cold milk into a small cup of espresso. When we complained about it she got a new cup – this time with steamed milk.
They speak Dutch.

Latest visit: May 2014
Number of visits: 2

Thursday, May 1, 2014


RELAIS CHANTOVENT, 17 Grand Rue, 34210 Minerve

Minerve is a fantastic place that is a must to visit in this area. The Restaurant Relais Chantovent is a good place to have the lunch. The view from the restaurant’s terrace over the beautiful river canyon is magnificent. The food is good and the look of it even better, but at our visit there was a few buts. For starter I had trout that was supposed to be made as a gravlax. As gravlax is something of a national dish in Sweden and as I make it several times a year I am quite picky and this was not made the right way. It is supposed to be marinated for two days in a mixture of 50/50 of sugar and salt. They had overdone the salt so it was far too salty, which was a pity as the rest of the dish was very tasty, but the intense saltiness of the fish ruined the whole thing.

My main dish was a 24 hours cooked pork, which was not as tender as it should be after such long time in low temperature. The restaurant pretends to be a gourmet restaurant with traditional food. I would rather say it is a restaurant with enhanced country cooking. I say this as they serve the same garnish with all dishes if it is an expensive or cheaper menu or if it is fish or meat. On a country cooking restaurant that is all right, but not in a gourmet restaurant. It is a pity as the main ingredients was good, well cooked and tasty.

Finally the deserts were, in my taste, far too sweet and lacked more subtle dimensions than just being sweet.

Latest visit: 2014
Number of visits: 2

Friday, March 14, 2014


LA CAMBUSE DU SAUNIER – Salin de l’île St-Martin, route de l’Ayrolle, 11430 Gruissan

This is quite a different restaurant – well worth a visit. It is located at the salt production site in Gruissan. The view over the saltines is magnificent, especially in the beautiful weather we had.

They serve mainly fish and sea-food in a very simple setting, which are designed to look even more like sheds, which is quite charming. You sit on simple benches at very rough wooden tables. At every place there are a plate, glasses and cutlery wrapped in a kitchen towel like a bundle. You set your table yourself by using the towel as a small table cloth. You can choose to sit inside a glassed space, outside in shade or at the water on a jetty.

Their specialty is raw sea-food – mussels, clams and oysters but also shrimps and sea-snails. They also have number of warm dishes, mainly from the sea. A few of us had sea-food for starter and I had tiny small clams (tellines) cooked in butter with parsley and garlic, which were fantastic. All sea-food was also of high quality. My salt-baked whole fish was absolutely delicious. The desert of the house was also really good. The only dish that did not lived up to expectation was the salt baked duck breast. The plates were roasting hot, the meat was over-cooked and the vegetable dish was cold. They said they should take it away from the menu and they did not charge for it. This day they only served wine by carafe – no bottles. The wine was from the local wine yard – Cave de Gruissan – which is quite good.

If the food was of top quality the service was almost the opposite. The young waiter was trying to charm the ladies but it would have been better that he had done his job in a professional way. Misunderstanding of orders (majority of us were French) and long waiting. Half the party had finished the starters when the rest got theirs. We had to wait forever for the desert which was strange as the restaurant was more or less empty at that time.

In a building nearby there is a shop with very interesting local products – salt in all forms, marmalade, honey, chocolate, very good wine from the region and much more. This place is well worth a visit in the summer.

Revisited July 2014: First time we were here was on the very first opening day and there were a few flaws. This time everything was perfect. There are few places one can get fish and sea-food like here. Still my favourite is for starters is "cassoulet du telline", which is so tasty. Of course i had to have salt baked fish and our friend Anette had oysters as usual. This day the view was fantastic over "des salines" where the water was absolutely rose, tinted by the salt. This is a very attractive summer restaurant which is open all week in the summer and as long as they have customers in the day.

Revisited May 2015: As always the food was delicious and the environment fabulous, especially in nice weather. Our Swedish guests thought it was the top experience of the week. The combination of the rustic design of the restaurant and the very high quality food with a no-nonsense style is something extra.

Revisted May 2016: It is hard to get a table here nowadays - it has become very popular. I however dropped in on my own and managed to get a table a while ago. The week after i reserved a table for me and my wife. We had their specialty  - salt-baked whole fresh lobster. Do I have to say it was really good?

Latest visit: May 2017
Number of visits: >10

Reasons for the :
Sea-food of all kinds, natural and cooked. This is the place. Nice busy place and a very special rustic design in the middle of a salt production facility. You will remember this place and its food.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


KÖNIG - Placa Independencia, 2, 17001 Girona, Spain

Fotos de König 2, Girona
Esta foto de König 2 es cortesía de TripAdvisor
This is not a gourmet restaurant, but a very good place to go to get good tapas or a burger together with friends. They also serve good German beer with distinct taste of hops, which I appreciate after the more sweetish beers from France and Belgium that we normally get in France.

We tried this place because it was the most crowded place around Place Independencia and we thought it meant something. The food was well made and not at all expensive - exactly what we were looking for after our fantastic lunch at Restaurant Nu.

Revisited August 2014: This is actually a quite good place to eat. The food holds a good quality and the wine is nice and affordable. Tapas is a good choice.

Latest visit: August 2014
Number of visits: 2


RESTAURANT NU - c/ Abeuradors, 4 Barri vell, Girona, Spain

This restaurant was the best culinary memory from our early spring trip to Spain and normally we do not give a “coup de coeur” to a restaurant after the first visit, but this is an exception. It is a modern restaurant that serve fusion food – a crossing between the Spanish tapas culture and Asian food. Even if the tasting menu was “just” ten dishes it reminded me a lot of the fantastic 35 course dinner I was invited to in Yokohama in Japan some years ago – but this had more Spanish taste. Like in Japan, the beautiful dishes were carefully designed both aesthetically and taste-wise and served on/in containers that enhanced the experience. I will only mention one of the ten dishes – the “foie gras”. The menu says “Salt baked foie gras, Golden apple ravioli, vanilla oil and P.X.” I do not know what P.X. stands for but there was a very thin crispy “blade” of chocolate and a dust of fine coffee powder. You might not believe it but together it was fantastic. Sorry I have to mention one more thing. I normally do not eat sardines, but “Marinated sardines, cream of pine nuts, basil and parmesan cheese” was absolutely fantastic.

The staff was young and professional and very nice. The restaurant had a modern design and the chef was preparing all the cold dishes behind a counter in the restaurant, which was interesting to look at.

The experience did not suffer anything from the fact that the whole menu was under 50 Euros and we could get wine by the glass or whole bottles to reasonable prizes.

Revisited June 2014: The day after our own traditional Midsummer party we did not feel like cooking so we, together with our Norwegian friends, drove down to Girona to eat. Like last time it was absolutely fantastic. We had the gourmet dinner again, which was basically the same as last time but with some new innovations. The foie gras was now caramelized and had got company of a banana ice-cream. Delicious!! The prize had gone up a few euros to 52.

Revisited August 2014: This is the third visit, but the first time in the evening. We got the feeling that the atmosphere was more relaxed at lunch. We enjoyed the food as usual, but I think we should wait a little until next time as the menu is the same every time. The little dish with mackerel was an exception and was the only dish we were not fond of.

Latest visit: August 2014
Number of visits: 3

Saturday, February 8, 2014

L'ASSIETTE AU BOEUF ♥ (closed and opened in new name)

L'ASSIETTE AU BOEUF - 4 Rue de Verdun, 34000 Montpellier

Bilder från L'assiette Au Boeuf, Montpellier
Den här bilden på L'assiette Au Boeuf används med tillstånd av TripAdvisor
This restaurant is a good example of how different the taste is. We like this restaurants very much and we mostly go there every time we visit Montpellier. The reasons are many. First we like the atmosphere, which is a typical French bistro, quite large spaces decorated in an old-fashioned way. The service is friendly, professional and quick and the food is always good, but not at all expensive.

When I however read TripAdvisor I do not think we talk about the same place. Some like it like we do, but there are a lot of very negative reviews from mostly English guests. They complain about that the waiters do not speak proper English, the meat is bad and the beer is terrible and so on. The only advice I can give to English people who are not used to France and French food – go to some other place – you will not like this. Myself I think the meat is mostly very nice, the beer is different to the very good English beer but very good in its style. I however mostly drink wine to this kind of food. The waiters do not speak English, but on the other hand there are many people who do not speak French either.

Latest visit: Jan 2014
Number of visits: >10

Thursday, January 16, 2014


AUBERGE DES JACOBINS - 8 place des Jacobins, 11100 Narbonne

Photos de auberge des jacobins, Narbonne
Cette photo de auberge des jacobins
est fournie gracieusement par TripAdvisor
Auberge des Jacobins should normally not be in this guide judged from our first visit, but there were certain thing that made us believe that it is normally different. 

The food had its virtues even if the todays dish was not the best. The duck breast was very tender, but the potato dish was dry. The starter – a plate with ham, sausages and other charcuteries were good and enough for two. The house wine was excellent.

On the positive side, the place was packed that vouches for its popularity. The service was good and friendly but the young girl had an impossible task to take care of a packed restaurant on her own. Waiting time was not acceptable. Another problem, which is quite common in French restaurants was very bad acoustics. It was almost impossible to talk even just over the table because of the background noise. Just a few textile objects in the room should have helped.

Latest visit: 2014
Number of visits: 1

Saturday, January 4, 2014


LA GRANDE BRASSERIE - Centre Commercial Carrefour, Bd de Creisse, 11100 Narbonne

We have been to this place many times - not because it was very good, but it was the least bad place in the mall. It was also open during office hours that was good when shopping. This would normally not qualify for a review here if it was not for the fact that it has changed drastically. We have been there twice in the last two weeks and it is like a new place. It looks the same and it is mostly the same staff, but everything else is different.

Before the food was not inspiring and a bit sloppy. The staff had an attitude that you should hurry up to leave your place to someone else. Now the food is very nice, salads formidable and everything looks good and tastes good. The staff is joking with you, they shake hands with customers and they look happy.

We asked if they have a new owner or a new chef, but they assured us that nothing have happened - something has happened but obviously they do not know themselves, or - they do not want to tell.

Anyway it is now a restaurant that we can recommend. Good food, good service and small prizes.

Latest visit: Mars 2014
Number of visits: >15 (new style 3)