The restaurants recommended in this blog have all been visited by me and my wife and often with friends. We have visited them at least once. I only recommend restaurants that have a quality that, in my opinion, makes them worth a visit.
Some are world class restaurants, some are very simple, but the food is always worth the price and the chefs have prepared it with pride and love of good food.
The food is essential for being mentioned here. Minor problems when it comes to service and other things are mentioned but does not disqualify them from being recommended.
We have also eaten in some restaurants in the area that do not leave any memories worth writing about.
Finally we have been to very few bad restaurants and have been badly serviced in a few.
These three categories are marked differently in List of Restaurants.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

La Maison de Petit Pierre

LA MAISON DE PETIT PIERRE - 22, avenue Pierre Verdier 34500 Béziers

Pierre Augé won the French Top Chef last year. He also won the challenge against the former champion and the challenge against this year’s Top Chef. We have tried to get a table there for quite a while and this time we were lucky. Pierre runs his restaurant together with his wife and they do a really good job. The food is creative and delicious. We let Pierre choose what we should eat and were not disappointed. Our Swedish friends that we took there were surprised that we could get such fantastic food for so little.

The restaurant is casual and the guests quite young. The service is friendly and efficient. After the meal Pierre come to every table and ask if we are satisfied. Quite a few wants to have a picture with the chef and some even ask for an autograph. A Top Chef in France can be compared to a star in football or other sport in the rest of the world.

If you want to visit the restaurant you have better reserve a table at least 6 weeks in advance.

Latest visit: May 2015
Number of visits: 1

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


AUBERGE LA SELETTE – Route Départementale 5 Cabezac, 11120 Bize Minervois

You would think we have few restaurants to visit that are worth writing about, given the number I already have reviewed. It seems however that the number of good places to eat is endless in our neighborhood. La Salette is a restaurant in Minervois, not far from Cabezac where you can visit the local vinery and the well-known olive oil producer and shop – L’Oulibo.

The food is nice at a reasonable prize. We had a very nice lamb steak for main and their Café gourmand was something special. For those who are not familiar with the concept it is a small sample of all the deserts on the menu accompanied by a cup of coffee. The venue is nice with plenty of space inside. The outside terrace is however very noisy and smelly due to the road with very heavy traffic that goes just beside it.

The owners are a Belgian couple, but they speak English, which makes it popular among English expats. Maybe that’s why they have fish and chips on the menu and Belgian chips.

The restaurant has a wine-cellar next door there you can buy local wine.

Latest visit: March 2015
Number of visits: 1

Thursday, February 19, 2015


LE TERMINUS – Route de l’ancienne Gare, 34 310 Cruzy

The restaurant is housed in an old railway station. We visited it together with two American friend and had their Menu de la Gare, which is the most elaborated at 39 euros. We started with scallops on a mousse of artichokes and lime. The scallops were delicious, but for those who does not eat almost raw food it might be a bad choice. The lamb shoulder with roasted vegetables we had for main course was fantastic. Cooked for 12 hours at low temperature. The following cheese platter was all right and the deserts we had was really good. The service was nice and the style casuals.

The venue is quite simple in the restaurant bur there is a nice outside garden in the summer, a bar and also a venue for larger parties.

Latest visit: February 2015
Number of visits: 1

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


LE RIBOUL DINGUE, 1, Bvd. Pirmin Pons, 317 00 Blagnac

A few time when we have had planes to catch at odd times in Toulouse we have visited this restaurant in central Blagnac. It is a bistrot style place which is quite crowded in the evenings but they have a very good kitchen. We have always been very happy with the food and especially the meat is of very good quality. This is a very good alternative to the places around the airport and only a few minutes away by car.

Latest visit: December 2014
Number of visits: 4


LES TAPAS DE LA CLAPE – Les Halles de Narbonne

This is a new experience in Les Halle in Narbonne. It is a quite simple place as it should be in Les Halles, but nicely decorated. The place has quite an extinctive menu with smaller dishes and the ones we tried were delicious. One tapas was a skewer with scallops and pieces of duck-brest, which was very good. The place has an enormous selection of local wine that can be bought by the glass and also bought for take-away. The whole wine selection is on the web.

The owner is really totally dedicated to wine and food and when he found out that we had been in the wine business he spent a good part of our meal chatting with us.

Revisited in February 2015: Very nice again. I had a burger on KOBE-beef!!! Like butter!

Latest visit: February 2015
Number of visits: 2