The restaurants recommended in this blog have all been visited by me and my wife and often with friends. We have visited them at least once. I only recommend restaurants that have a quality that, in my opinion, makes them worth a visit.
Some are world class restaurants, some are very simple, but the food is always worth the price and the chefs have prepared it with pride and love of good food.
The food is essential for being mentioned here. Minor problems when it comes to service and other things are mentioned but does not disqualify them from being recommended.
We have also eaten in some restaurants in the area that do not leave any memories worth writing about.
Finally we have been to very few bad restaurants and have been badly serviced in a few.
These three categories are marked differently in List of Restaurants.
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Monday, August 12, 2013


LA COURTINE - 4 Place Marcou, 11000 Carcassonne

La Cité in Carcassonne is full of restaurants, but quite a few are not really worth the prize. There are however some who are very good. We found one the other day – La Courtine. It is situated in the corner of Place Marcou, there you find lots of restaurants, most of them not worth a visit.

As we had our grand-children with us we were looking for a restaurant where they served spaghetti- This Italian restaurant did so. Ourselves we had their menu of the day and it was a good choice. The meat was tender and cooked to our liking and the chips and the salad was perfect. The dessert of the day was delicious. My wife however took a cheese-platter and I had café gourmande. The cheese was of very good quality which is not very common on less expensive menus. The restaurant also had pizzas which they had earned a prize for. We might try that next time.

The service was nice and friendly. The bill was however a small chock. They had added 16 euros together for my upgrade of dessert and my wife’s cheese. When we pointed it out they corrected it and gave us 10 euros back. It was probably a mistake this time, but it is too often in the summer that such mistakes happens to tourists. They might not think tourists are observant enough or do not master French enough to complain.


Thursday, August 1, 2013


LE PRE ST JEAN - 18 Avenue du Marechal Leclerc, 34120 Pézenas

There are quite a few restaurants in Pézenas' Historic Centre, but the quality is uneven and it is mostly difficult to get a table during summer. A little more than 100 meters from Centre Historique on the main street we found  Restaurant Le Pré St Jean- a gourmet restaurant with reasonable prizes.

It was a very pleasant experience -  the food was excellent and the service friendly and correct. We all had fish dishes that were delicious. The interior of the restaurant is pleasant and has a more formal style than most restaurants in the Historic Centre. This will certainly be a favourite when we go to Pézenas.

Revisited January 2014: This time we had meat. Starter was with quail and main dish was guinea fowl. Both were delicious. This is turning into a real favourite restaurant.

Revisited April 2014: A simple but delicious two-course lunch this time and a glass of wine each. We both had quail for starters and I had rabbit and my wife veal as main course. It was perfect and we feel that we can give this restaurant a hart even if we have been there just three times. The only little mistake was that my wife got a little jar with cold milk with her cafe noisette.

Revisited June 2014: We  visited the restaurant with our friends from Norway. As always the food was lovely and the service perfect. We had a bottle of the fantastic rosé wine from Mas Jullien made by the famous vine-maker Olivier Jullien. The wine comes from north part of Herault and is an AOP Terrasses du Larzac. Very few restaurants serve the wine so we can 't resist it when we have the opportunity.

Latest visit: June 2014
Number of visits: 4