The restaurants recommended in this blog have all been visited by me and my wife and often with friends. We have visited them at least once. I only recommend restaurants that have a quality that, in my opinion, makes them worth a visit.
Some are world class restaurants, some are very simple, but the food is always worth the price and the chefs have prepared it with pride and love of good food.
The food is essential for being mentioned here. Minor problems when it comes to service and other things are mentioned but does not disqualify them from being recommended.
We have also eaten in some restaurants in the area that do not leave any memories worth writing about.
Finally we have been to very few bad restaurants and have been badly serviced in a few.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014


KÖNIG - Placa Independencia, 2, 17001 Girona, Spain

Fotos de König 2, Girona
Esta foto de König 2 es cortesía de TripAdvisor
This is not a gourmet restaurant, but a very good place to go to get good tapas or a burger together with friends. They also serve good German beer with distinct taste of hops, which I appreciate after the more sweetish beers from France and Belgium that we normally get in France.

We tried this place because it was the most crowded place around Place Independencia and we thought it meant something. The food was well made and not at all expensive - exactly what we were looking for after our fantastic lunch at Restaurant Nu.

Revisited August 2014: This is actually a quite good place to eat. The food holds a good quality and the wine is nice and affordable. Tapas is a good choice.

Latest visit: August 2014
Number of visits: 2


RESTAURANT NU - c/ Abeuradors, 4 Barri vell, Girona, Spain

This restaurant was the best culinary memory from our early spring trip to Spain and normally we do not give a “coup de coeur” to a restaurant after the first visit, but this is an exception. It is a modern restaurant that serve fusion food – a crossing between the Spanish tapas culture and Asian food. Even if the tasting menu was “just” ten dishes it reminded me a lot of the fantastic 35 course dinner I was invited to in Yokohama in Japan some years ago – but this had more Spanish taste. Like in Japan, the beautiful dishes were carefully designed both aesthetically and taste-wise and served on/in containers that enhanced the experience. I will only mention one of the ten dishes – the “foie gras”. The menu says “Salt baked foie gras, Golden apple ravioli, vanilla oil and P.X.” I do not know what P.X. stands for but there was a very thin crispy “blade” of chocolate and a dust of fine coffee powder. You might not believe it but together it was fantastic. Sorry I have to mention one more thing. I normally do not eat sardines, but “Marinated sardines, cream of pine nuts, basil and parmesan cheese” was absolutely fantastic.

The staff was young and professional and very nice. The restaurant had a modern design and the chef was preparing all the cold dishes behind a counter in the restaurant, which was interesting to look at.

The experience did not suffer anything from the fact that the whole menu was under 50 Euros and we could get wine by the glass or whole bottles to reasonable prizes.

Revisited June 2014: The day after our own traditional Midsummer party we did not feel like cooking so we, together with our Norwegian friends, drove down to Girona to eat. Like last time it was absolutely fantastic. We had the gourmet dinner again, which was basically the same as last time but with some new innovations. The foie gras was now caramelized and had got company of a banana ice-cream. Delicious!! The prize had gone up a few euros to 52.

Revisited August 2014: This is the third visit, but the first time in the evening. We got the feeling that the atmosphere was more relaxed at lunch. We enjoyed the food as usual, but I think we should wait a little until next time as the menu is the same every time. The little dish with mackerel was an exception and was the only dish we were not fond of.

Latest visit: August 2014
Number of visits: 3

Saturday, February 8, 2014

L'ASSIETTE AU BOEUF ♥ (closed and opened in new name)

L'ASSIETTE AU BOEUF - 4 Rue de Verdun, 34000 Montpellier

Bilder från L'assiette Au Boeuf, Montpellier
Den här bilden på L'assiette Au Boeuf används med tillstånd av TripAdvisor
This restaurant is a good example of how different the taste is. We like this restaurants very much and we mostly go there every time we visit Montpellier. The reasons are many. First we like the atmosphere, which is a typical French bistro, quite large spaces decorated in an old-fashioned way. The service is friendly, professional and quick and the food is always good, but not at all expensive.

When I however read TripAdvisor I do not think we talk about the same place. Some like it like we do, but there are a lot of very negative reviews from mostly English guests. They complain about that the waiters do not speak proper English, the meat is bad and the beer is terrible and so on. The only advice I can give to English people who are not used to France and French food – go to some other place – you will not like this. Myself I think the meat is mostly very nice, the beer is different to the very good English beer but very good in its style. I however mostly drink wine to this kind of food. The waiters do not speak English, but on the other hand there are many people who do not speak French either.

Latest visit: Jan 2014
Number of visits: >10