The restaurants recommended in this blog have all been visited by me and my wife and often with friends. We have visited them at least once. I only recommend restaurants that have a quality that, in my opinion, makes them worth a visit.
Some are world class restaurants, some are very simple, but the food is always worth the price and the chefs have prepared it with pride and love of good food.
The food is essential for being mentioned here. Minor problems when it comes to service and other things are mentioned but does not disqualify them from being recommended.
We have also eaten in some restaurants in the area that do not leave any memories worth writing about.
Finally we have been to very few bad restaurants and have been badly serviced in a few.
These three categories are marked differently in List of Restaurants.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


TORRE D’ALTA MAR - Passeig Joan de Borbo 88 | Torre de Sant Sebastia, 08023 Barcelona, Spanien

This is really a fantastic experience that does not seem to be that well known. From Barcelona to Barcelonnette, there is a cable car. In the station-tower at the sea-side you find this restaurant. It is situated just one floor above the cable-car-station. The only sign of it from the outside is the door to the elevator. The design of the place is very modern and the view from up there is breath-taking of the whole of Barcelona.
The food is fantastic and to a fabulous price. We had the lunch menu that was a three course meal of the best gourmet class including a glass of cava and a glass of wine. If I remember right the price was 30 euros+ per person. The service was really pleasant and we can really recommend this to anybody visiting Barcelona.

Latest visit: February 2016
Number of visits: 1


LOS CARACOLES - Carrer dels Escudellers, 14, Barcelona, España

You must visit this place. Many people say it is a tourist trap, and maybe so. But – if it has been around for 180 years and my wife was here 1958 and it still looks the same it must have its virtues – and it has. You still have to reserve a table to get in. The atmosphere is fantastic and the service friendly but no nonsense. It is not a gourmet-restaurant, but the food is rustic, nice and generous.

The only problem is that you have to be sober to find you way out after your visit. You enter the restaurant through the kitchen which basically is an enormous stove where they prepare the food. They take you through a labyrinth of rooms, up the stairs and around bends and soon you are lost. Enjoy!

Latest visit: February 2016
Number of visits: 1

Sunday, May 29, 2016


AUBERGE DE ST-MARTIN - 11 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 34210 Beaufort

We have visited this restaurant twice. The first time we were sitting in the garden and had some grilled dishes. We were very satisfied. The second time was on mothers day 2016 and we were not quite that happy. Maybe the quality was not so high because of the occasion and the pressure it puts on staff.
The service is very nice and the venue outside is very nice in the summer.

Latest visit: May 2016
Number of visits: 2