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Sunday, August 17, 2014


AUBERGE DU SOMAIL, 1, chemin de Halage, Le Somail

Canal du Midi is really popular among tourists. French people are in minority in restaurants there Dutch, English and German are common languages. As always in these places it is quite uncertain to find a good quality, restaurant in the summer. Mostly the quality is mediocre because the customers will just visit once anyway.
We have however visited the restaurant Auberge du Somail a few times and the quality of the food is quite good. The salads are generous and the meat is tender. The service is also fairly good, but it takes quite a time sometimes even outside rush-hour. This time the person who serves us addressed us in Norwegian when he heard us talking Swedish. It was quite nice for both us and him to be able to communicate in our native languages.
The only irritating thing was the dog of the house that was running around the tables begging for food. He did not - excuse me - look very healthy and scratched himself viciously all the time. It really affected my appetite and I was thinking of what kind of bugs had caused his hair to fall off in parts.
If you happens to be in Le Somail, this is a god place to eat.

Latest visit: July 2017
Number of visits: 6


  1. Hej Jan, det är intressant att läsa dina restaurang recensioner. Vi ska åka ner till Languedoc snart och kommer under tiden att fira vår bröllopsdag. Därför undrar vi om du kan rekommendera en bra restaurang där vi kan äta lunch nära Agde.
    Med vänlig hälsning Eva-Lotta.

  2. Hej Eva-Lotta.
    Grattis till ert jubileum. Just i Agde har jag inte hittat något bra, men min rekommendation är i Sete på Cornichen som är på vägen till Agde vid stranden. Den heter la Table de Jean. Klicka på Sete så hittr ni det. Boka bord - utsökt mat och rimligt pris och med havskontakt. Med vänlig hälsning, Jan