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The food is essential for being mentioned here. Minor problems when it comes to service and other things are mentioned but does not disqualify them from being recommended.
We have also eaten in some restaurants in the area that do not leave any memories worth writing about.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012


OASIS - Boulevard du Front de Mer, 11100 Narbonne Plage

There are a large number of restaurants along the beach-walk in Narbonne Plage. We have come to like the Restaurant Oasis. There are no gourmet restaurants along this walk, but what you need is good affordable food in a restaurant with good service. Oasis is the place where you can get lunch or dinner if you spend your day on the beach. It is just five minutes’ walk from the water to the restaurant and it is open all day so you do not have to eat between 12 and 2 PM as is mostly the case in France.

The food is nice, the service friendly and they have a good selection of wine. You can get pizza, salads of the generous French style, fish and meat dishes. They also have a number of set menus and a children’s menu. I often eat their beef Carpaccio that I find nice and just enough for lunch a hot day.

Revisited in April 2013: The restaurant seems to be upgraded to meet the summer. New menus, a big selection of new biers from Leffe, more ambition on the dishes and as always good service. An even better place to have something to eat any time of the day at a stay on the beach.

Revisited June 2013: It is not pleasant to be disappointed. We have visited Restaurant Oasis more times than any other restaurant in the region. This time we came a little after two in the afternoon and the restaurant was fairly empty. We ordered their second most expensive menu and half a liter of rosé wine.

The “moules marinières” my wife got were half freshly made half heated up so most of the mussels were dry and small like peas. The main courses we got were OK, but when we came to the desert the trouble started. My wife does not eat any sweets of medical reasons, but on this menu it said “desert of your choice” and on the dessert menu they had cheese. I did not take any of the more fancy deserts, but was happy with just two scoops of ice-cream without any topping - a very inexpensive choice. The waiter said to my wife that she had to pay 2 euros extra for cheese. The two euros was not a problem in itself, but as we are customers since many years, I took a more inexpensive desert and it said “free choice” on the menu and no notation of any supplement 2 euros, we pointed this out. 

If it had been any of the regular guys that serve it would not be a problem because they know us well and are always very nice, but this guy had to ask the manager and we know from experience that she is not very interested in service or customers.

It is very nice to find new restaurants one likes, but very sad to be badly treated at a place where you thought you were a valued customer. It is also very hard to get new customers, but easy to lose them. With such a terrible summer so far, one could expect that a manager should be keener on keeping the regular customers.

Revisited October 2013: This restaurant is still one of the few we know who refuse es to serve non-sweet deserts to diabetics. If you take a menu you can not even pay the difference, which is 1 euro. You have to leave the desert that is offered and pay full prize for cheese. This time however le patron made an exception.

Revisited February 2014: It is a new season and we again visit the beach for walks. The last two times we have not been happy with this restaurant. The last time the pizza-bread was very hard and dry and my wife could only eat half of it. The steak haché I had was cold inside. I can eat raw meat, but I ordered medium and I do not like meat that is cold inside and fried on the outside. The big problem is however that the owner never admit anything - she never give you a refund or a compensation or even an excuse. "No-one have ever complained" is her answer to everything. It is a pity because the other two restaurant on the promenade serve totally uneatable food and the service is terrible. We have therefore given this place a heart, but now we take it away.

Revisited June 2014: The last few times we have not been happy with the food and not with the service. Still we decided to give the place a chance on the new season. Everything was very good this time. All our food was good and very much improved from earlier times. The place my wife got was big and perfectly cooked. The service was observant and nice. We really hope it is not just a beginning of the season improvement, but is the new trend for the year 2014 and on.

Revisited August 2014: It seems the improved quality we saw in June is continuing even in the most hectic week-ends in high season. At our visit a couple of times in August the food has been good and the service very nice. 

Revisted summer 2017: They have improved their menus. The pizzas are now really good and their meat is always of very high quality. Service has also improved and is now good. It had a dip last year.

Revisited July 2018: It is always interesting to come here in the beginning of summer and find out the quality of the year. To often one finds that restaurants has changed to the worse since last year. This is not the case here. The same nice food at a resonable price and good service as ever. Favorites are carpaccio of beef and their bavette, but the sea-food is many peoples favorite.


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