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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


LA TABLE DE SAINT-CRESCENT68 Ave. du Général Leclerc, 11100 Narbonne
Guide Michelin

The only restaurant in Narbonne that has been awarded a star by Guide Michelin is La Table de Saint-Crescent where the eminent chef Lionel Giraud resides. As been quite common among the most famous chefs around here the food is inspired by tradition regional food but in a semi-molecular version. This means that you recognize the food you eat as something familiar, but the looks of it is something totally different and the tastes are much more intense than your taste-buds are used to.
They serve a very affordable lunch-of-the day and a number of set menus. The most exclusive menu costs around 50 euros, but includes selected wines for every dish. As with most restaurants of this class a visit is much more than just a meal. It is a happening for all your senses. One of the reasons is that the service is relaxed, friendly and professional. We have often noticed that the really high class restaurants in France have a very relaxed relation to their guests, which is something you miss in many other countries.
The restaurant is located in the same building as Palais de Vin in Narbonne so it is possible to explore the local wines after the meal if you find something you would like to bring home.

Revisited April 2014: This is the fourth time we dine here and the prize has gone up a bit since last time but so has the quality so we feel we have gained anyway. This time it was Easter dinner with friends and we were very satisfied both with the food and the service. They have also put up some noise reduction buffers that was really needed. Now the noise level is very pleasant, which has improved the atmosphere substantially. It is also done in an architecturally acceptable way in the ancient room.

Revisited August 2014: We celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary this time. Food and service were as always perfect. A little complain though - the chairs are very stylish and almost an exact image of the restaurant's logotype, but with a bad back you can not sit through a three hours meal in them. I asked for a cushion to sit on and that was all right.

Birthday lunch January 2016:  Couldn´t be better. Everything was absolutely perfect and the service was very pleasant. This is one of the places we go to when we like to celebrate something special. It is more than i meal - it is an experience for all senses.

Birthday lunch January 2017: Every visit is a surprise and the food gets better every time. The prizes have gone up a little since we were here the first time, but not much.

Disappointment January 2019: Today we should have had my wife’s birthday lunch here as we have had a few times before. We made the reservation three weeks ago on Internet and this morning we got a mail that we should confirm that we are coming. We did so. Arriving at the restaurant they said they were overbooked. They offered us to sit in little totally empty boring room next to the toilette upstairs. We off cause refused. The head-waiter was called on and he offered us to eat in the kitchen with the chef. I guess it should be regarded as an honor, but when we looked at that table it was in the actual kitchen with all alarm and smell that goes with it. When we left, they mentioned that they could offer us a free meal later. It will be interesting to see if they remember that. They have our contact details.

Interestingly enough - the day after this debacle we got an e-mail from the same computer that asked us to rate our visit - food, service and venue.

We however saved the day by having a very good lunch at Le Petit Comptoire.

LATEST VISIT: January 2017

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