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Sunday, April 28, 2013


 LA TABLE des CUISINIERS CAVISTES - Place Lamourgier - 11100 Narbonne

On my wife's birthday we  wanted to try a restaurant we had never visited. We went to several restaurants ahead to explore and the reception we got at this restaurant was very good and it was no problem to make alterations to the set menu.

The restaurant is situated in the center of Narbonne just behind Les Halles so it is close to the best products. The place is quite small and has an open plan so you can see into the kitchen. There are two different areas - one with high tables and stools for the young and busy and one with ordinary seating for us more relaxed guests.

The food was absolutely excellent and all of us five were very satisfied. Sometimes it is hard to find good eating places when you are a group where some like traditional food and think more innovative way of cooking is a bit silly and some like to experience new tastes. This place satisfied all of us.

As the restaurant also have a caveau you can get the most interesting wines from the are that fit perfectly with the food.

Revisited September 2013: We have been here a couple of times after the first time and been very happy with service and food. Today we had however taken a couple of friends who wanted a good meal. It was not up to normal standard. We had the 21 euro three course menu. The starter was excellent but half the party had duck breast for main and that was over-cooked and dry. We had ordered rosé. The gravy was however very tasty and the vegetables perfectly cooked. The rest of us had cod that had very little taste. The dessert was very good and the cheese platter of high quality. My problem is that I had recommended this place and our friends were obviously not impressed, which is a pity. We will however give the place another chance as we mostly have been satisfied.

Revisited January 2017: Very good and packed, as it was one of those days many restaurants were closed.

LATEST VISIT: November 2018

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