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Thursday, July 12, 2012


CHÂTEAU L'HOSPITALET - Route de Narbonne Plage, 11100 Narbonne

Château L’Hospitalet is a very good restaurant with a nice environment but it is also something much more than that. Starting with the restaurant; it is a very popular lunch for business people in the area but also somewhere to go when you are on a vacation trip. The food is quite good at a fairly good prize. The wine you get is of their own production, which means that it is among the best you can get. The owner Gérard Bertrand has been elected the European Wine Producer of the year by The Wine Enthusiast.

At least before, you were offered free tasting of wine with your meal, but I think they had to stop that as it was abused, mostly by foreign tourists, that caused a number of accidents on the winding roads in the La Clape mountains.

This place is a very good place to go for a half days trip or maybe if you are not from the neighborhood, for a week-end. They have a splendid hotel, several gift shops an enormous wine shop, often high quality art exhibitions and music evenings with jazz in the summer.

This place is however, above all, a place to go for wine lovers. The selection of wine is enormous and represents a large number of appellations of Languedoc. The price range is from a few euros per bottle up to prestigious wines for 40 euros and up per bottle. If you eat in the restaurant you get a small discount in the wine shop.

Revisited May 2015: We have not been here for some time for other than buying wine. The food has changes from very traditional French food in a gourmet version into something much more posh. It looks very much like the food in top gourmet-restaurants – small portions, a lot of purées and fancy names, but it lacks the intense tastes that make up for quantity in the modern French gourmet kitchen. Even for me who is a very small eater, it was a little too little. I had one of my favorites – wing of ray – which was good but a third of what you mostly get in other restaurants. The price 29 euros for a three course lunch would have been OK if the food have had a taste that lived up to the looks of it and maybe a little more generous portions.


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