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Friday, July 31, 2015


LE CENTAURÉE - 9 cours Mirabeau, 11 100 Narbonne

On both sides of Canal de la Robine in the center of Narbonne there are lots of restaurants. Most of them are all right and some are a little more than that. Many are reviewed here but some are too new to have been visited. Bar & Brasserie Le Centaurée is a new experience for us. We were attracted by the many choices of interesting dishes they offered on the today’s menu to a very reasonable price.

I think we made a bad choice when we ordered the “bavette” with chips because some of the other dishes we saw on other tables looked fantastic – especially the salads. Our “bavette” was very generous but it was not very tender and it had been left too long before it was served so it was not really warm inside. The chips were of that English type - “soggy chips” - and I prefer my chips to be crispy on the outside – they were home-made though. The service was very good and my wife who cannot eat sugar had no problem to get a cheese platter instead of desert for the same price. I had a nice “cafe gourmande”, which they should have charged extra for.

When we payed the bill we saw that they had reduce the prize – probably because of my comments on the meat. We will certainly go there again to try the other courses.

Revisited August 2016:  I did not read my own review so this time I again had the bavette and I ordered it rare. Now it was tender, large but a little too red even for me. Nothing wrong though. My wife's skewer on chicken was lovely and one of the boys burgers as well. They had improved on the chips this time so they were more French than English - nice. The service is nice and quick.

Revisited June 2017: Always good food at a reasonable price.

Latest visit: July 2017
Number of visits: 5

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