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Thursday, October 10, 2013



Foto di Il Buco dal 1901, Roma
This photo of Il Buco dal 1901 is  published 
with kind permision by TripAdvisor.
As I have admitted I have a special relation to Italian food. Il Buco however was a really good experience. We were recommended this restaurant by our Norwegian friends, that was a double edged thing. The first visit was at lunch together with our Norwegian friends. We were received like royalties and were placed in the Norwegian room with a glass of spumante while they fixed a table in the already full restaurant. We heard that the restaurant is a place where the Norwegian expats in Rome goes – especially those with resources and taste for good food.

The habit among them were to let the restaurant choose what to eat. It was a good choice when it came to taste. We got salad on fresh mushrooms that was delicious which was followed by three small pasta dishes generously sprinkled with white truffles. The wine was a well matured local Lazio wine. As it was a late lunch we settled for these to dishes and promised to come back for dinner.

The bill was however a small surprise. They had served us the most expensive of everything and I must say 60 euros for two small dishes and wine for lunch is a little too much for us. Now I understood why they were talking so much about how rich Norwegian people are.

At dinner we – Englishmen and us from Sweden - decided to choose from the menu and the Norwegians followed our example. The bill was much more reasonable and the food as good as at lunch. We also made it absolutely clear to the patron – an absolutely charming man – that some of us were ”poor people” from England and Sweden and not stinking rich people from Norway.

Round the table we had sea-bass, rabbit, Ginny foul, veal and a few other things – all delicious. The wine, for a reasonable prize was even better than the one from lunch.

A funny thing was that the waiter looked like a twin to Sylvester Stallone and he had even put his voice and accent exactly like Rocky’s.

Latest visit: 2013
Number of visits: 2

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